Thursday, 4 February 2010

Valencia testing

It's far too early to draw any conclusions on which teams are fastest. Ferrari look strong, with 1 and 2 on the timing sheets, but there are many reasons apart from raw pace that could do this.

Most interesting to me, was in the run up to the test, Fernando Alonso made some very guarded comments regarding testing. I initially figured that he was expecting a learning curve with the car to some extent, or something like that and was covering himself for a poor performance in testing. Topping the timing sheets, however, Alonso's comments may instead have been indicating something else: that Ferrari aren't confident.

There is little to be told about which teams are fastest. It is quite interesting to see how closely matched teammates are, though.

It appears Sauber have very well matched drivers, which is good for them. Torro Rosso on the other hand, may have problems, as their drivers were over a second apart.

Best matched driver pairs
Sauber: 0.038
Ferrari: 0.252
Williams: 0.292
Mercedes: 0.461
Renault: 0.671
McLaren: 0.695
Torro Rosso: 1.245
Worst matched.

It's worth mentioning that all those splits are pretty large. I still stand by my predictions from before testing.

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